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A Day at the Lodge

Our Guests come in all colors

They come in all shapes

They come in all sizes

They come in all makes


There's boy ones and girl ones

Giant ones and tiny ones

Long ones and short ones

And even "not sure" ones!


No matter their size

Or length of their fur

We love them all,

You can rest assure.


They Camp Bark for the day

To romp and to play

Or they Lodge for a stay

While their parents are away.


They play ball and play chase

Have treats and take naps.

At times they get wet

Are they dirty? ... perhaps!


At the end of the day

For their parents they wait

"Let me tell you my day"

They sing by the gates!


There are some who come

To stay for a spell

In our Pet Lodge

We do treat them well.


In the Lodges we work

To fix up their beds

With comfy blankets and pillows

For their weary heads.


Lights out at bedtime

Soft music is playing

Last call for the potty

For all who are staying.


As they enter their Lodge

On each bed is sitting

A yummy cookie...

Now isn't that fitting!


"These dogs are in heaven"

Their parents all beam.

Canyon Pet Lodge and Camp Bark

Is every dog's dream

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