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Dog Training at Camp Bark


Ariana Roberson VSA-CDT, CBCC-KA

Ariana has been working with people and their dogs for over 10 Years. She is a certified dog trainer as well as a behavior consultant. She specializes in behavior modification and uses science-based and modern methods that implement positive reinforcement and are the least intrusive, and minimally aversive to the dog. This has been proven to create the best means of communication for aiding in behavior changes and for creating a positive relationship with your dog. 


Puppy Class (10 weeks-5 months)
New Class Starts April 17th 6pm $250 for 6 Weeks 20% off for current clients
In this Course we will cover all of the puppy basics! 
Potty Training, Biting, Socialization
We will also lay the foundation for Basic Obedience! 
Sit, Down, Wait, Recall, Leash walking, leave it and more! 


Basic Obedience (5 Months and Older)
Class Starts April 17th 6pm $250 for 6 Weeks
This course is great for dogs with no previous training, dogs that need a refresher, or dogs that need to work on skills with distractions. It will help lay the foundation for basic obedience skills. We can also help break bad habits that have formed. We will cover topics such as socialization, sit, down, wait, recall, leash walking, leave it and more! 

Intermediate Obedience (Must have skills from basic obedience class) April 6th 6pm $250 for 6 Weeks
In this course we will expand on the Basic Obedience course and start working on proofing and reliability of those behaviors. We will also work on more advanced behaviors and skills, such as heeling, place, stay and more recall with distractions. Get ready to add distractions to everything! 


Pop Up Training Days $40 per session
Our 1st Pop Up is March 19th @12:30pm- Loose Leash Walking is the topic! 
We will be offering 1-2 days a month where we will have a specific topic we are working on, such as, jumping, pulling on the leash, recall, leave it etc. 
You can sign up for just the days you are interested in! 

Additional Training Services
**Please inquire if you are interested in any additional services Arianna offers! 
One on One Training
In-Home Training
Board and Train
Behavior Modification

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