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Camp Bark at The Lodge offers a unique Northwest experience for pets that includes services such as overnight dog boarding, Camp Bark doggie daycare, and grooming. 

At Camp Bark at The Lodge, we want your dogs to be comfortable and feel as much like home as possible. You are welcome to bring their beds, toys or things from home to make them comfortable. Please leave rawhide chews and bowls at home. 

Your dog will spend majority of the day out playing or inside one of our large indoor play spaces, they will only be in their kennel for feeding and sleeping. If you have an older dog or puppy that needs breaks during the day, we can bring them in for play breaks. This is a great time to add a Kong or Lickimat to their reservation. 

Reservations are based on a 24-hour clock, your drop off time and pick up time are the same. For example, if you drop off at 8AM you will pick up at 8AM. If your dog needs to stay longer that is not a problem. Instead of paying for another day of boarding you will just pay for a half or full day of daycare. Half day is anything under 6 hours and a Full day is anything over 6 hours.

Advanced reservations are appreciated and recommended, but we also have a cancellation policy so if your plans change, please give at least 48 hours' notice and 72 hours during peak times! If reservations are cancelled outside of the 48 hour or 72-hour period, there will be a $50 fee assessed for each pet. 


Nightly Lodge rates are all-inclusive combined with Camp Bark DayCamp and APPLY to EACH DOG.

Canine Nightly Lodge Den Rate:


$60- Private Day Camp

Canine Nightly Lodge Suite/Nook Rate:


$65- Private Day Camp

Canine Extended Stay (15+ Consecutive Nights): 


*Additional Fees Below Apply to the Nightly Rate PER DOG Listed.

Specialized Dens, Private Daycamp, Holiday Weeks,  and intact Pets over 1 year of age apply:

        $ 5.00 Additional per Dog/Per Night for Suites

        $ 5.00 Additional per Dog/Per Night for Intact Pets >1 yr

        $ 5.00 Additional per Dog/Per Night if in heat

        $ 5.00 Additional per Dog/Per Night for Peak Rates (Memorial             Day Weekend to Labor Day Weekend)

        $ 10.00 Additional per Dog/Per Night Holiday Rate -

                   for ALL DATES SURROUNDING &                                                     INCLUDING HOLIDAYS



Canyon Pet Lodge offers our feline guests an all-inclusive stimulating home setting. 

Feline Nightly Lodge Rate:

$30 Condo

$35 Chalet

Feline Extended Stay (15+ Consecutive Nights) Lodge Rate:

$28 Condo    

$33 Chalet


            $ 5.00 Additional per Cat/Per Night Peak Summer Rates-                     (Memorial Day Weekend thru Labor Day Weekend)

 $ 10.00 Additional per Cat/Per Night Holiday Rate -

                      for ALL DATES SURROUNDING &                                                    INCLUDING HOLIDAYS

2nd Cat Sharing a Condo or Chalet is 50% Off Nightly Rate


Rates subject to change without notice

10% discount applied to all pets for multiple pet families on Regular Rates.

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