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Camp Bark Doggy DayCamp

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Bring your beloved companion to “Camp Bark” at The Lodge and let them spend the day with their canine peers. We offer Full and Half Days of doggie daycare. Leave the worry, frustration and guilt behind, and gain peace of mind knowing your pup will come home exercised and happy at the end of the day. On good weather days the dogs can enjoy being outside and on those not so pretty days they can come inside for sheltered play out of the elements. Large dogs will enjoy the company of other large dogs and small dogs will be able to play with other companions their own size. There is also “Private Play” available for dogs that prefer to play alone. Our “Camp Rangers” rotate throughout the Camp all day alternating between play & rest for all of our Campers. We also offer on leash “Nature Walks” in our grassy two acre playing field, located just behind the Daycamp playgrounds. Additionally, we have added several enrichment activities which can be added to your pet's Camp Bark DayCamp experience for a nominal fee.


Improvement of social skills by playing with other dogs. Physical and mental exercise in our secure, supervised indoor/outdoor play areas, which can help to eliminate some problem behaviors such as digging, chewing, and barking. Supervised playtime with toys, games and other Camp Bark DayCamp dogs, Regulated rest times and then back to the playground for more romping and playing until it is time to be picked up by you. Take home a happy and tired pup!

Don't forget to make your reservation on the App for Camp Bark this helps us to plan play groups and plan for staffing, if something comes up and you want to bring them day of please just give us a text or call and let us know. We can accommodate your dogs! 

Full Day

$40 per Full Day (6+ Hours)

$45 per Full Day (6+ Hours)

       for Unaltered 1 year+


*Prices subject to change

Half-Day (<6 hours)

$25 per Half Day (<6 Hours)

$30 per Half Day (<6 Hours)

       for Unaltered 1 year+


*Prices subject to change

Monthly Membership

25% Off Regular Rate

BarkExplorer (8 half-days) $150*

BarkHiker (12 half-days) $225*

BarkPacker (Unlimited half-days) $450*

BarkCamper (8 full-days) $240*

BarkScout (12 full-days) $360*


BarkRanger (Unlimited full-days) $720*


*2nd+ Pets- 50% Discount

                 off Regular Rates

                 (Not Contract Rates)

**Additional $5 Per Day for Unaltered 1+ year of age Added to Package


*Prices subject to change

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