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Our Requirements:

1- Current Vaccinations:  




- Rabies



- DA2pp

- Bordatella

- Rabies

Puppies:  Must be at least 12 weeks of age, have 2 Distemper/parvo boosters, bordatella and fecal test negative for giardia & parasites.  Rabies is due by 6 months of age. 

2- Fecal Test:  a current fecal test from your veterinarian, within 11 months of your pet's first scheduled arrival date and every 12 months (annually), once established, showing negative for both GIARDIA and PARASITES.  


3- Altering:  Your pet is requested to be altered by the age recommended for breed.  Dogs in season cannot attend Camp Bark DayCamp.  Additional daily charges apply for unaltered female dogs in season.  All unaltered dogs over 5 months will not be with unaltered dogs of opposite gender.  If your unaltered adult pet displays dominant behavior with other dogs in group exercise, your dog will have Private DayCamp and appropriate charges will apply.  Cats must be altered by 6 months (we do not accept cats that spray territory).  Additional Daily Charges apply for Unaltered Dogs over 12 months of age and Cats over 6 months of Age.  


4- Temperament:  Your dog or cat cannot be human aggressive.  Dogs who prefer to be only children will be in Private DayCamp and additional daily charges apply.


5- Flea Prevention:  Your pet must be treated with veterinary approved flea preventions on a monthly basis or, if not on a regular prevention schedule, must be treated at least 3-7 days prior to arrival.  We do not accept Hartz, Sergeants, BioSpot nor Kirkland/Costco Brand as flea prevention as these are pesticides.  We do not accept flea collars as other dogs in group can chew on them and as they are poisonous, can become ill.  If pets are found with fleas, they will be removed from group play, bathed, and treated with flea prevention and your account will be charged for services rendered.


6- Collars:  All dogs must wear a flat collar (nylon, leather, etc). All training collars, martingale and harnesses will be removed while Lodging or Daycamp.  If your pet does not have a flat collar to wear, we will provide one and your account will be charged for the collar.  


7- Food:  You are required to provide your pet/s' food so that they remain on their regular diet to avoid gastro-intestinal upset.  Please be sure to bring enough food, and extra in case you return travel plans are delayed, as House Meals are $5 per meal and we feed 2x per day, which results in an additional $10 per day charge.  Some additional important information regarding providing food:

  • Please be sure you package more food than your dog normally eats.  Your dog will have 4-8 hours of exercise and social time per day.  This is much more than most people realize as a majority of dogs do not have that much exercise for many days in a row.  The exercise and play causes your dog to burn more calories which can result is weight loss.  While we understand that you try to keep your pet/s at a healthy weight, dogs tend to lose weight in lodge and daycamp environments, not gain weight!  The longer the pet/s' stay at the lodge, the potential for more weight loss can occur.  We will increase your pet's food at mealtimes to prevent this from happening.  

  • On the opposite end of the spectrum, some dogs will take some time to adjust to a different environment and eat lightly, partially, or do not eat their meals at all.  We ask that you also send cans of food that they like, broth, leftovers from home, or anything to entice good healthy eating while they are here.  Please do not send any items that they have never had before because experimenting can cause gastro-intestinal upsets.  We cannot stress to you enough that it is imperative that your dog eats meals while lodging to maintain their health.  

  • Please send plenty of extra food for your pet/s so that we can adjust amounts as necessary.  Adjusting amounts can be from 1/4 cup added per meal to adding a complete extra meal, such as lunch.   



We are not a medical facility and cannot and no longer accept-

  1. Senior Pets 10+ years (we recommend hospital lodging for all seniors)

  2. Dogs with Addison's Disease

  3. Pets with Diabetes (these pets require Insulin Injections, oral medication, and/or special diets and should be monitored in a hospital setting)

  4. Pets with any medical conditions as lodging can cause stress-induced medical emergencies

  5. Any Pet that has an orthopedic medical condition (our Campers are in DayCamp and this is not an appropriate environment for pets with orthopedic medical conditions).

  6. Pets that need anxiety medication or are anxious by nature.  We cannot take dogs that are destructive due to their anxiety (Our environment is a very busy & boisterous setting which is not compatible with dogs with anxiety).

  7. Please consult with us if your Pet has any medical condition as we may or may not be able to accommodate your pet.  Most medical conditions require monitoring by a health professional for the well being of your pet.  

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